How to make your home stand out online

How to make your home stand out online

At Relatable, we are passionate about using online marketing to help our clients achieve the best possible result when selling their home.

A lot of energy goes into the presentation of the property, both offline and online. Thankfully, it is paying off as shown by these stats which were recently released by trademe…

49% more watchlist adds – that should add some value!

Would you like to know how we do it? First up, if you live in Wellington and are thinking of selling order a quote request online and we will send you all the info you need to get started.

If you live outside of Wellington, here are our top 7 tips to on…

How to make your home stand out online

1. It’s all about the main photo.

ask for male and female feedback on what attracts the eye. Different people are attracted to different aspects of a property. It’s so key to get yours right.

Don’t be afraid to use an internal photo as your main photo if it is the most attractive pic. Bonus points if it ties in with the headline in some way. We used an internal photo for 204 Helston Road, Paparangi and that home attracted 20 offers in 3 weeks.

2. Additional photography tools can provide you with more options.

It’s always helpful to have multiple choices for your main photo. Drone shots and twilight photos are especially useful as they will look different from all the other properties in the search results on property portal websites. Good property photographers should be able to offer these with an additional investment. In our experience, they are often worth it.

3. Make sure you pay the extra amount to be a premium listing on trademe.

It’s the best online marketing money can buy. Make sure your home is at the top of the list on trademe by using a premium listing, it literally takes up half the screen too which shows off your best photos.

4. Provide a price in the headline if you can.

This really ups the view count with most properties. It needs to be a realistic price though, buyers are very sensitive to over-priced properties.

5. Have an interesting headline.

This is where you should place most of your effort (after choosing the photo). Deciding on a headline is, sadly, an afterthought for most agents and it shows when you look on trademe. Try and be creative and think about your target market. Check through our past sales for some ideas.

6. Add lots of photos.

if you use the full 20 photo allowance on trademe then you encourage buyers to click through to your listing, rather than just clicking through a few limited photos in the list view. This is a key point that so many people miss! Don’t hold back on providing info to buyers.

7. Write a long, detailed advert.

The more info you can provide, the better. Don’t be afraid to divulge a weakness too. Eg. “There are a few steps up from the street to the front door but once you are inside you will cherish the privacy and sun aspect that this elevated position enjoys.”


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