Home renovation advice with Jamee Colman from Namloc Build

Home renovation advice with Jamee Colman from Namloc Build

Jamee Colman is the owner of Namloc Build. In this podcast episode, he shares some great home renovation advice for owners who are considering taking on a renovation or just looking to add value to their home.

Jamee is also one of the owners of 204 Helston Road, Paparangi, a recent sale which attracted 20 offers in 3 weeks. This was a home that Jamee and his wife, Makenzie had renovated extensively, so in this interview, we asked Jamee about that process and what he learned from it.

Other questions/topics covered:

– Where should the owner start when considering a renovation?

– Tips for dealing with the consent process?

– What questions should an owner ask before choosing a builder?

– What advice you would give someone who has chosen the wrong builder?

– Cost-effective home renovation ideas.

– What type of properties are easiest to renovate?

Listen in to hear all the answers!

Home renovation advice…

Prefer a typed-up version?

Click here to read a full transcript of the interview.

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