The benefits of investing in property, with Chris Leatham

The benefits of investing in property, with Chris Leatham

“Take some action. Do Something. It doesn’t have to be the perfect deal, but you’ve gotta get out there and do something…”
Chris Leatham

In our latest podcast episode, Kahn interviewed successful Wellington property investor Chris Leatham.

Chris has a wealth of experience to pass on, along with entertaining stories from his property journey. You’ll hear about his wins and losses, his smart and not-so-smart buys.

Chris has the ability to break the property world down into bite-sized information and tips that will help you ensure you have the right mindset to succeed.

If you are thinking about getting your first investment property in the future, this interview could help.

If you have already started investing, but are thinking about growing your portfolio past 1 or 2 properties, this podcast could be the kickstart you need to take the leap.

Listen and enjoy!

The benefits of investing in property…

To download a transcript of the interview, click here.

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Chris isn’t looking for anything out of this. He is just someone who enjoys sharing knowledge and is passionate about helping others succeed.

Disclaimer: The team at Relatable are not qualified financial advisers and we strongly urge every listener and reader to obtain independent, qualified advice before committing to any kind of property purchase.


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