Podcast update: Wellington real estate market chat.

Podcast update: Wellington real estate market chat.

In our latest podcast episode, we (Kahn and Andy), sit down with mortgage broker Jenny Cheevers to discuss all things property.

We talk about numbers through open homes, historically low interest rates and whether owners should provide a builder’s report when going on the market.

We also answer frequently asked questions, including:

Is winter a good time to sell your home?

Should you save more of a deposit before buying?

What’s up with interest rates right now? If all rates are the same, which one do you choose?

How do you approach negotiating with the bank when it’s time to re-fix your mortgage? 

You can listen to the complete audio here:

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If you want to know more about Jenny Cheevers, click here to check her out on facebook. Or give her a call directly on 027 244 6686 to arrange a pre-approval.

To read our latest monthly market report, including detailed stats and analysis, follow this link.

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