The ‘Asbestos talk’ with Adam Collins from Inquest

The ‘Asbestos talk’ with Adam Collins from Inquest

In the first episode of the Relatable podcast ‘Real Talk‘ we discuss all things Asbestos with Adam Collins from Inquest Building Consultancy…

What you can expect to hear in our Asbestos talk…

We provide some background on this material and answer frequently asked questions regarding asbestos, including:
  • Asbestos – What is it?  How can I tell if my property has it, and what does it mean if it does?
  • Where it can be commonly found and how to have it checked out/tested safely (visual inspection included in inquest reports and invasive testing can be done with homeowner permission).
  • Why is there a current focus on it?  (Worksafe and the governor general signing off on legislation this year for ACM as some products are coming to the end of their serviceable life).
  • If you are a homeowner and want to do renovation work – what does the ACM legislation mean for you and tradespeople carrying out work in your home?
  • Would you by a home built with asbestos materials?
  • How much does it cost to remove asbestos materials? (Eg. A roof with tricky access).
  • My asbestos test has come back positive, what can I expect now? (Hint: It’s all about context and condition).
  • How to care for and maintain existing products.
Adam is a licensed building practitioner and is qualified in Asbestos identification and removal.

Full transcript available:

Click on this link to download the written version: Transcript – asbestos talk with Adam Collins

More about Inquest…

Adam and his team provide a building inspection service. If you have looked at offering on one of our properties for sale you may have read one of his reports.

If you are interested in arranging an inspection for a home you are thinking about purchasing, or one you are thinking about selling, get in touch with the team at Inquest:

Do you have a subject you would like us to tackle?

Our goal with the podcast is to bring you useful information about all things real estate so you can make more informed property decisions.

If there is a topic you would like us to cover in future, please send us an email and get in touch. We love suggestions!


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